Research Topics/Interests

Ecological Economics, Pro-Environmental Behavior + Subjective Well-Being Research, Experimental Economics, Industrial Dynamics/Innovation, Identity

Work in Progress

  • "Fostering creativity in team work: Experimenting with payoff sharing and word ownership rules in the game of Scrabble", (with Crosetto, P. and A. Gaudeul)
  • "Peer influences and pro-environmental behavior: Panel evidence for the role of regional prevalence and diversity", Working Paper 2019 (with Binder, M. and H. Welsch)
  • "Pro-environmental norms and subjective well-being: panel evidence from the UK", Working Paper 2019 (with Binder, M. and H. Welsch)
  • "On the determinants of pro-environmental behavior - a literature review", Working Paper 2018   (with H. Alhusen)
  • "Is socially responsible investing (SRI) in stocks a competitive capital investment? A comparative analysis based on the performance of sustainable stocks", Cege Discussion Papers - Number 349 - May 2018. (with J. Gottschalk)
  • "Cooperation in public goods games: Enhancing effects of group identity and competition", Cege Discussion Papers - Number 324 - October 2017 (with Horstmann, E. & T. Schneider)

Current research project (2019/2020) - Lebenszufriedenheit, Identität und Zukunftsperspektiven im Handwerk. Ein inter- und transdisziplinäres Experiment